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Sep 1 '14

Criminal Minds episode 10x01 - X -promo

Aug 31 '14
Aug 30 '14


In ep. 3x08 “Lucky” we learn that Morgan has been denying the existence of God for years due to his childhood experiences. At the end of the episode, after a series of events, he decides to go to the church and pray for the first time in a very long time. Meanwhile, Garcia is shot. When he learns of this, he asks himself, “what are the odds that the first time I pray in years, she’s on the table?” (Something along those lines).

Flash forward to 4x01 “Mayhem”. Garcia essentially saves Morgan’s life, and he tells her “You’re my God-Given Solace.” GOD-Given. I wonder if he ever asked himself between 3x09 and 4x01, “What are the odds that God doesn’t exist when I have Penelope, and she wasn’t taken from me when she very well could have been?” Something to think about…

Such a good point.

I haven’t thought about it in that way but there’s so much subtext with Morgan and Garcia you always miss a point or two :)

Aug 29 '14
Aug 29 '14


Sohu Video: Visit Criminal Minds Set on August 27, 2014 (Part 1)

Click to see Part 2 :)

Aug 29 '14


Deleted Scene from Demons | S9 Criminal Minds

Aug 28 '14

Criminal Minds Ep 10.01 - “X” -Promotional Photos (2)

Aug 28 '14

Criminal Minds Ep 10.01 - “X” -Promotional Photos (1)

Aug 26 '14


Criminal Minds Gag Reel season 9

Already! LOL people are fast. Not that I’m complaining…


Aug 26 '14